Professional Compensation/Fees

Tenth Circuit Doesn’t Pay ‘13’ Trustee if Dismissal Precedes Confirmation

The first court of appeals to rule on a question where lower courts are split, the Tenth Circuit finds the statute unambiguous and requires a chapter 13 trustee to disgorge his or her fee if the case is dismissed before confirmation.

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The Best Opinion Yet Ordering Refunds for Overpayment of U.S. Trustee Fees

All three courts to confront the question have now ordered the government to refund overpayments of U.S. Trustee fees.

Claims Trader Criticized in New York for an Unauthorized PACER Filing

A court filing by a claims trader was stricken from the docket because it contained judges’ direct email addresses.

Third Circuit Upholds Draconian Sanctions for Section 327 Nondisclosure

An opinion by Thomas Ambro shows how the Third Circuit won’t cut any slack for nonbankruptcy lawyers when it comes to retention disclosure.