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Professional Compensation/Fees

Debtor’s Chapter 13 Counsel Properly Stiffed for End-of-Case Fees

Practice point: Be sure that a chapter 13 discharge excepts debtor’s unpaid counsel fees.

‘Local vs. National’ Rate Controversy Reemerges in a Catholic Diocese Reorganization

Montana judge cuts committee counsel’s interim allowance to rates charged by debtor’s counsel.

California Supreme Court Kills the Jewel Doctrine on a Certified Question

Jewel has now been formally rejected in New York and California. Washington, D.C. is next.

Interim Fee Awards in Chapter 13 Are OK Before Conversion

District judge changes local practice in the bankruptcy court on interim awards in chapter 13.

Judge Revokes a ‘Nationwide’ Firm’s Right to Practice in Virginia Bankruptcy Court

Local lawyers were also caught up in the maelstrom caused by a ‘nationwide’ firm that skirted bankruptcy law and rules.