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Professional Compensation/Fees

Reconstructed Time Records Are Ok in a POC for Pre-Filing Attorneys’ Fees

Rule 3001 doesn’t require time records in a mortgage lender’s proof of claim, Judge Loyd says.

Fifth Circuit Facilitates ‘No Money Down’ Chapter 13s

Bankruptcy courts must cooperate before debtors’ counsel are assured of being reimbursed for advancing costs and expenses before filing.

A Cash Collateral Carveout Doesn’t Automatically Make a Bank Liable for Fees

Bankruptcy Judge Lloyd limits a recent Sixth Circuit opinion to its facts in holding that a bank was not liable to pay professional fees from a cash collateral carveout.

Bifurcated Fees for Destitute Chapter 7 Debtors Approved in Utah

Copious disclosure required for post-petition payment of fees to be permissible in chapter 7.


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