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Fraudulent Transfers

May a Trustee Recover Proceeds from Fraudulently Transferred Property?

Courts disagree on whether a trustee may recover proceeds of a fraudulent transfer from a later transferee, not only the fraudulently transferred property itself.

Chapter 7 Debtor’s Counsel Permitted to Defend Creditors in Avoidance Suits

Bankruptcy Judge Carol A. Doyle parses the limited duties of a chapter 7 debtor to the estate.

Second Circuit Defines a Prohibited Double Recovery on Fraudulent Transfers

There is no prohibited double recovery from multiple defendants, the appeals courts says, until the trustee has recovered cash equaling the value of the fraudulently transferred property.

Trustee Allowed to Sue for Fraudulent Transfer on an Unenforceable Contract

Long Island’s Judge Grossman follows the Third Circuit by finding limitations on the Rooker-Feldman doctrine.