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Plan Confirmation

Eighth Circuit Upholds Backstopped Rights Offerings for Chapter 11 Plans

Appeals court laudably provides guidance for lower courts by ruling on the merits of a chapter 11 plan and not dismissing an appeal for being equitably moot.

Ninth Circuit BAP Squarely Upholds ‘Chapter 20’: No Lien and No Claim Survive

BAP reversed the bankruptcy court’s ruling that personal liability on a discharged debt was resurrected in ‘chapter 20.’

Shareholders Lack Standing to Appeal in Fifth Circuit, District Judge Holds

Reasonableness of breakup fee is measured by the total contract price, not the amount retained by the debtor.

Liquidation Value Required in a Chapter 12 Cramdown

Idaho judge seems to disagree with the Second Circuit’s ruling that a chapter 12 debtor can surrender less than all of the collateral to confirm a plan.

Ninth Circuit BAP Allows a Complaint to Revoke Discharge After 180 Days

The Ninth Circuit BAP follows a Pennsylvania bankruptcy court decision with facts more similar than those in Ninth Circuit precedent.