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Plan Confirmation

A Trademark License Rejection Case May End Up in the Supreme Court

A case on the ability of state law to take property out of the estate after filing may not go to the Supreme Court.

Rejecting a Contract Precludes a Suit for Post-Petition Breach

Opinion ostensibly leaves a debtor without recourse for a supplier’s post-petition breach occurring before rejection.

Ninth Circuit Holds that One Accepting Class in Joint Plan Is Sufficient

A secured creditor making the 1111(b) election is not automatically entitled to a due-on-sale clause paying the claim in full if the property is sold after confirmation.

Ok to Bifurcate the Lien on an Auto Used by the Debtor’s Non-Filing Partner

Congress created a loophole in the hanging paragraph in Section 1325(a).

Colorado Judge Differs with Two Circuits on Chapter 13 Payments Beyond Five Years

Courts are also split on whether a five-year plan begins on confirmation or on the first chapter 13 plan payment.

Eighth Circuit Broadly Draws the Line to Identify ‘Unknown’ Claims that Are Discharged

Eighth Circuit sides with the Third: ‘Reasonably ascertainable,’ not ‘reasonably foreseeable,’ determines which creditors are entitled to actual notice.