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Student Loan Servicer Sanctioned $378,000 for Civil Contempt by New York Judge

Bankruptcy Judge Martin Glenn imposed civil contempt sanctions for ignoring court orders over five years.

Not All Student Loans Are Nondischargeable, Tenth Circuit Holds

Tenth Circuit joins the Fifth Circuit by holding that student loans are not ‘educational benefits’ under Section 523(a)(8)(A)(ii).

Claims Discharged in Chapter 7 Revive If the Case Is Converted to Chapter 13

Courts are split over the effect on claims discharged in chapter 7 if the debtor converts the case to chapter 13.

Parental Support Isn’t Counted on Discharge of Student Loans, Judge Kendig Says

Private charity is not considered to be part of a debtor’s income under the first part of the Brunner test.

Bankruptcy Court Alone May Decide Whether a Claim Is Estate Property, BAP Says

Bankruptcy Court Alone May Decide Whether a Claim Is Estate Property, BAP Says

Ninth Circuit Says Assumption Under Section 365(p) Doesn’t Also Require Reaffirmation

Lease assumption is binding even if the debtor doesn’t follow the procedural requirements of Section 365(p).

Creditor Socked with $41,000 in Sanctions for Filing Trumped-Up Criminal Charges

Bankruptcy Judge Warren makes sure the sanctions won’t be dischargeable if the offending creditor files his own bankruptcy.

Fines for Defrauding Consumers Are Dischargeable in a Corporate Chapter 11 Plan

Courts are divided on discharging fines in a corporate chapter 11 case when the government itself was not defrauded.

Seventh Circuit Requires Court Findings for a Plan Provision the Code Allows

The Seventh Circuit opinion raises the question of whether (or when) a court may restrict the use of a provision in a chapter 13 plan that Section 1322(b) permits.