Fourth Circuit Rules Emphatically that Taggart Applies to All Contempt in Bankruptcy

Reliance on advice of counsel is not a complete defense to contempt citations.

Section 328(c) and Rule 2014(a) Both Permit Denial of All Compensation

Undisclosed representation of the debtor’s principal resulted in denial of all compensation sought by counsel for the corporate debtor.

A Client Can Be Liable for Sanctions from the Lawyer’s Violation of Rule 9011

Judge Klein let a lawyer off the hook for violating Rule 9011 because the lawyer had already been punished enough.

Delaware District Judge Says: Don’t Use ‘Nunc Pro Tunc’ When You Mean ‘Retroactive’

Submitting a retention order with the wrong word resulted in a pivotal issue on appeal.

No Withdrawal or Jury Trial on Claims that Lawyers Violated Section 526

The district court opinion affirms the notion that bankruptcy courts have ‘core’ power without a jury to adjudicate claims of attorney misconduct.