Administrative Expense Claims

Courts May Create Trust Accounts to Pay Sub V Trustees and Other Admin Expenses

The court can’t require a debtor to give a ‘retainer’ to a Subchapter V trustee, Judge Pearson says.

Supreme Court Seems Disinclined to Pay Refunds for Overpayment of U.S. Trustee Fees

Several justices seemed to believe that ‘prospective relief’ is sufficient to remedy the due process violation because the alternatives are ineffective.

Judge Explains Why Tax Liens Are Subordinated to Domestic Support Obligations

Congress decided to deviate from standard priorities by providing in Section 724 that unsecured domestic support obligations come ahead of tax liens.

Supreme Court Will Soon Grant or Deny ‘Cert’ to Rule on Refunds for UST Overpayments

The bankruptcy court in Delaware sided with four circuits by directing the U.S. Trustee to give refunds for overpayment of fees that were not uniform throughout the country.

Four Circuits Agree: Debtors Get Refunds for Overpayment of U.S. Trustee Fees

With four circuits in agreement, the Supreme Court isn’t likely to grant cert to rule on whether chapter 11 debtors are entitled to refunds for overpayment of U.S. Trustees fees that were held unconstitutional in Siegel.

Fifth Circuit Approves Breakup Fees as ‘Admin’ Expenses or Costs of Sale

The Fifth Circuit avoided deciding whether approval of breakup fees is judged by the more lenient Section 363(b) or the more exacting standard for administrative expenses under Section 503(b).